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headshot“I specialize in women’s health  and lifestyle solutions.  There are various tools I offer to help women discover their true potential, inner power and strength. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey!”

With over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Faith is a nationally–recognized fitness specialist, known as a former co–host of the ESPN show, Crunch Fitness, and is featured in several consumer fitness videos. She taught classes while living in New York City as well as Los Angeles.

Faith has presented continuing education workshops for fitness professionals across the country and has been featured by numerous publications such as FitShape, Brava, Madison and Modern Bliss magazines.

  • Contributor,  Health.com
  • Online Video Educator, eHow.com
  • AdvoCare Nutrition Advisor
  • Fitness Educator: Corporate Classes and Workshops
  • Freelance Health and Fitness Writer
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Private Women’s Sessions and Small Group Training (Madison, WI)
  • Boot Camp, Strength & Conditioning, H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training), TRX Suspension Training, Kickboxing, Turbokick, Yoga, Zumba

I always thought of myself as a strong woman – physically, but never mentally.

I used to be the working mother who would work out to DVDs at home after the kids went to bed.  I thought I was doing well – I felt strong, but that was about all.  Then a friend of mine talked me into taking strength fusion classes.  I was reluctant because I’d never worked out in front of anyone in my life.  I was afraid that I would look silly, or that other people would judge me because I couldn’t do push-ups on my feet.  Or because I could never push myself with cardio, because I ‘hated it’.  However, I joined anyway.  And that’s where I met Faith.

I took her strength fusion classes and yoga classes.  Soon, I also had her personal train me.  And that’s really where I saw myself grow – both physically and mentally.  She always had me do something new and challenging at each session because she knew that I could push myself to accomplish new strength moves that she knew her other clients couldn’t do.  I felt honored that she had so much confidence in me to try these new challenges.  It made me feel proud and even empowered, knowing her confidence in me was so high – almost as if she held me to a different standard.  I always left sessions and classes feeling incredible about myself.  I felt strong and I felt confident.

In working with her, I have come to know my own potential and the full understanding of my body, my mind and what I can do when I put both physical and mental abilities together.  I am now able to create my own full body strength and cardio workout routines, and how to rotate muscle groups so I don’t over train my muscles.  I know when I feel as though I can’t do one more rep, I am actually able to eek out 4 more.  If I feel like I want to quit, I remember Faith telling me that I CAN do 4 more, or I CAN do 30 more seconds of mountain climbers.  I still claim I ‘hate cardio’.  However, my body now craves cardio.  I feel like I’m not getting a full workout if I do not have a great cardio workout to go a long with my strength training.

Today, 2 years later, I no longer feel silly working out in front of others, or feel that people are judging me. I have learned to love and respect myself.  I have learned that I am strong and beautiful and that if I really put my mind to something, I can accomplish anything. This new found inner confidence came from working with Faith.  I’m sure it was there all along, but I needed help from someone else to bring it out of me.  I am grateful Faith has blessed my life.  Without her help, I would not be the woman I am today.  Thank you so much, Faith!”

- Renee W.


“I wanted to start personal training in January 2010 to get in shape.  I realized that is was a now or never and that I wasn’t getting any younger.  I had met Faith and checked out her  website.  I loved her philosophy and her approach.

What I expected was that Faith would train me with weights and help me lose weight.  What I received was a life changing experience!   Not only did we train and do cardio but she made me realize that it isn’t about a number on a scale or how you look in the mirror.  It is how you feel about yourself, how strong physically and mentally you can become, and how you feel and treat others.

One of my favorite quotes that I think about daily from Faith is “You don’t know what has happened to someone at a specific time so the best thing you can do is be kind and understanding.”  I will continue to train with Faith so I can receive my weekly positive energy dose!  And I also love how my arms look now!”

- Colleen


“Be yourself. There is something that you can do better than any other.

Listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that.” – Unknown

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