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Archive for June, 2011

Checking out your thighs? Knock it off right now.

Confession:  Even though I love to help women stay fit and healthy, I’ve been guilty of one thing…Self-Criticism!

What??!   Yep.  I had a bad habit and I’m not proud of it.

But last year, I FINALLY stopped checking out my belly, butt & thighs in the mirror and automatically finding imperfection.


I'm over 40, and I'm happy



Did you know that every time you experience the negative thought of:

“My thighs are too big….(or insert criticism here)”  - you perpetuate the very thing you are trying to improve?

By turning off that constant critic in my head, everything became effortless:

- I dropped excess body fat

– I became leaner and stronger

- I ate better and had more energy

- I had MORE FUN

If I could talk to my 20-yr old self, I would tell her:

“You’re BEAUTIFUL and perfect EXACTLY as you are.
Let go of any self-criticism RIGHT NOW  - you’ll get where you’re going even faster!”

STOP comparing yourself to others.
Just EMBRACE it all and RESPECT your body enough to take care of it!

I teach my students and clients:

It’s not just about waking up physically – it’s mental, emotional and spiritual.
When you address it ALL (in your own way & in your own time) your body responds.
You glow and make progress much more easily.

I know I did.

Turn off that critic!


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