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What is it for you?   That “….can only make me stronger…”



I Dare You to Move

I know…it’s not Monday. But I’d rather post this now than wait until next week.

“Between who you are and who you could be…between how it is and how it should be…”

In honor of a new month…in honor of yet another fresh start…

In honor of those doing Ironman Wisconsin…in honor of the memories of 9/11

And in honor of my parents, both of whom I lost in the month of September.

Live your life to the FULLEST.  I Dare You to MOVE.


After Hurricane Irene – Dedicated to You

Every Monday I will offer my Move Music choice to getting you going for the week.

In light of this weekend and Hurricane Irene, I couldn’t help but think about this one.

The hurricane is the extreme example, but I also know that many have been going through personal challenges and obstacles all month. Today’s the day to begin again, once more.

It’s a fresh start!

I’m reminded to live in the moment, be grateful for all you have and whatever it is you want to do…DO IT NOW!

No matter what you’re up against….’every little thing is gonna be alright’…



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