Checking out your thighs? Knock it off right now

    checking out your thighs knock it off right now

    Confession: Even though I love to help women stay fit and healthy, I’ve been guilty of one thing…Self-Criticism!

    What??! Yep. I had a bad habit and I’m not proud of it.

    But last year, I finally stopped checking out my belly, butt & thighs in the mirror and automatically finding imperfection.

    Did you know that every time you experience the negative thought of:

    “My thighs are too big….(or insert criticism here)” – you perpetuate the very thing you are trying to improve?

    By turning off that constant critic in my head, everything became effortless:

    – I dropped excess body fat

    – I became leaner and stronger

    – I ate better and had more energy

    – I had more fun
    If I could talk to my 20-yr old self, I would tell her:

    “You’re BEAUTIFUL and perfect EXACTLY as you are.
    Let go of any self-criticism right now – you’ll get where you’re going even faster!”
    unhealthy distorted negative body image self criticism

    Stop comparing yourself to others.
    Just embrace it all and respect your body enough to take care of it!

    I teach my students and clients:

    It’s not just about waking up physically – it’s mental, emotional and spiritual.
    When you address it all (in your own way & in your own time) your body responds.
    You glow and make progress much more easily.

    I know I did.

    Turn off that critic!