Do You Have a Love/Hate Relationship with The Scale?

    love hate relationship with the scale

    I really don’t like to call my personal training clients that – ‘clients’ – it’s such a cold word. I really do consider you guys as friends, whether we’re in the middle of a ‘training package’ or not (another cold phrase!).

    I’ve worked with many of you over the years and for some, we’re not in the middle of ‘sessions’ right now, but I still consider you friends!

    I wonder how you’re doing, how’s the food going, if you’re making time for you….

    Thank God for Facebook (TGFFB), right?!
    I’m just honored that you’ve chosen to let me help you with your fitness journey at one point or another.

    Today, I was reminded yet again of how much I love my friends/clients!
    I tell ya, you just don’t know how much you make my day sometimes!

    Katie bounced in for her session, first thing this morning, after a 30-minute drive, with her scale in hand. Her bathroom scale! And with no initiation on my part, announces,

    We’re throwing out my scale and we’re taking a picture!

    stop weighing yourself obsessively

    If you’re a woman, you may know how hard it is to part with The Scale.
    This is something I try to drill into everyone I work with!

    Get rid of your scale!
    Stop torturing yourself, weighing yourself everyday, obsessing over the two pounds (of water, most likely) that you gained this week!

    Well, Katie – good job!

    Let’s all follow that lead. And if you can’t throw it away, at least put it away. Go by how you feel in your clothes. And stop obsessing.