Thank You Vlog

    Thank You Vlog

    So, yes, doing a vlog is new to me, but – you have to start somewhere, right?

    Although I’ve been posting the quickie workouts and filmed ‘The DVD’ (which will be out this Fall), The Vlogging Thing is a whole other world.

    I’ll stick with it and hopefully give you some good info to keep coming back for.

    But first! Big shout outs to my friends who have been there, cheering me on (view the video below) and also thanks to those I haven’t met in person, but have been inspiring me these last few months through their blogs and vlogs:

    Jendi Pagano – Thanks for all the valuable info, Jendi!

    Julie Hammerstein – “Real Nutritionist-Extraordinaire and overall inspiring soul.

    Kelly Olexa – Your vlogs have become a morning ritual for me. Thanks for your energy and humor.

    Jen Read – Thank you for simply existing. How did I get so lucky to call you my friend?

    Finally – Laura Kuhl! – I neglected to mention you in the clip, but you can pretty much read my mind(!) & know how much I LOVE you!!!!

    Can you count how many times I said the word “thank”??